François Perruchot-Triboulet


François Perruchot-Triboulet co-founder of Numa Avocats in 2019, is a former legal adviser (1991) and then attorney (1996).

He previously worked for Arthur Andersen, Richards Butler, Ernst & Young and was then a partner in Bignon Lebray, Aklea and then Axten Avocats Associés.

François has expertise in corporate law and financing law. In particular, he advises investment funds, senior executives and entrepreneurs on fundraising, mergers & acquisitions, corporate action, LBOs and financing transactions.

He works with multidisciplinary teams for due diligence and shareholder agreements. He has also worked on spin-offs from technology companies and his clients have made him a specialist of project management.

François opened and headed the Shanghai office where he was resident from 2005 to 2016. He is the Chief Representative of the Numa Representative Office in Shanghai. He shares his time between Shanghai and France.

He supports the establishment and deployment of foreign companies in France and French companies overseas, particularly in Asia.


> Private Equity
> Mergers & Acquisitions
> International law


> Paris Bar
> Master of Company Law, Taxation and Accounting from the Aix-Marseilles Law University
> DJCE in Company Law – Institute of Business Law of the University of Aix-Marseilles


> He won a prize for his work on Tax Avoidance & Tax Evasion – Association of Tax Advisers


French, English