numa avocats

Collective intelligence

Numa Avocats was created around the key value of collective intelligence.

In order to optimise the quality of the services offered to our clients, we seek to promote exchange and interactions between each of our members, with particular emphasis on complementarity and emulation between departments.

As a result, our clients can count on the solid technical and operational background of each member in the firm, guided by a supportive human dynamic that reflects the commitment to horizontality and inclusion.

Our taste for working and living as a team multiplies our forces, to better serve our clients. It ensures unhampered exchange, consistency and harmony in our approach to our cases, and also unparalleled availability and responsiveness.

Long term

We endeavour to build long-term relationships with our clients and partners, so that we can support them at every stage of their development and build a professional relationship of trust, so we can follow up our cases and rapidly take charge of our tasks.

Long-standing cooperation between the partners has helped build a strong and lasting organisation that is conducive to exchange, sharing and the tireless search for perfecting the competencies of each individual.

Lastly, long-standing co-working between partners and associates allows mutual enrichment. The partners want Numa Avocats to be like its members and to be nurtured by the contribution of each of them.


The idea of agility as a value of Numa Avocats is based on inventiveness and creativity in carrying out the tasks in hand, so as to provide a service that meets the requirements of our clients and remains proactive and relevant.

Similarly, in the context of working within the firm’s teams, agility is rooted in team cohesion and enables the development of technical and human resources.


Numa Avocats promotes kindness, responsiveness and solidarity in an approach of synergy and complementarity in the relations between partners and the employees.

In its relations with clients, the upholding of that value of Numa Avocats enables us to better understand clients’ requirements, while promoting the complementarity of our own people.

The goal is to allow each singularity to express itself in open-minded collaboration to serve the dedication and high-quality work our clients wish to receive.