Numa in brief


Latin origin: NUMA comes from the Latin “numidiae” meaning “nice, beautiful”
Greek origin: NUMA comes from the Greek “nomos” which means “law”.

NUMA Pompilius (753 – 671 BCE), famous for his justice and piety, was the second legendary king of Rome. After the belligerent reign of Romulus, his peaceful and pious one allowed him to organise the institutions of Rome and to govern by law and not by the sword.


Numa Avocats in brief

Numa Avocats is an independent law firm founded in 2019, which operates in Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Paris and Shanghai.

Our teams assist SMEs, midsized companies, entrepreneurs, senior managers and institutions in complex and strategic operations involving all aspects of business law, including legal, tax and employment matters.

The firm is organised in specialized departments and the lawyers work in a fully integrated manner to advise, defend and represent the interests of national and international clients.

The experience of our advocates is widely recognised and they regularly speak at conferences and seminars in their field of expertise. Several of them publish articles in specialised journals and teach and give lectures in universities and business schools.

Our staff are pragmatic and renowned; they provide clients with comprehensive solutions, if necessary with support from a network of independent professionals of high quality, including investment banks, financial advisors, chartered accountants, auditors or foreign partners.